Where Can I find Scatter, XRay Dose and Regulatory reports?

Written on Jan 21, 2019

Regulatory documents can be found by choosing the product name below that matches your unit.

      The following types of documents can be found are:

  • X-Ray Dose & DAP Reports
  • Scatter report & Leakage Reports
  • Acceptance reports by model.

Vataech Series

Vatech A9


Pax-i Series



Pax-i Insight./ Plus

Pax-i3D Smart

Pax-i3D Green (G1 Units)

Green G2 Series

Green Smart Plus / RC

Green CT2 (G16/G18 Units)

Green X

Green 21 Premium


Portable X-Ray

EZRay Air P


Previous Vatech Series & Legacy Devices:


Previous Generations & Legacy