Power: What are the Power Requirements for Vatech X-Ray systems?

Written on Jul 16, 2020

Vatech’s manufacturer requirement is that all pre-installation site checks must be done prior to any Vatech device installs, during any anual inspection or troublehsooting/repair to ensure proper power requirements are met and maintained.

Power Specifications:  All Hard Wired Units

The following is a brief overview of the power requirements that MUST be checked and/or resolved prior to the installation or service repair of ANY Vatech product


Verify and Run a Dedicated: Medical Grade to the Principal Pannel* if the lines are not already connected to the principal pannel. 

  • 110Vac - Dedicated outlet
  • 20 AMP Dedicated BreakerPower level should be within 110Vac Specification +/- 10%.

          (Typically seen between 115Vac ~ 125Vac at wall with 120Vac medium)

  • Neutral / Ground 'Voltage & Noise' should also be checked

         (0.00 vAC preferred up to .150 vAC but not to exceed .200 vAC)

If the Neutral / Ground 'Voltage & Noise exceeds the recommendation:

Any potential measured between the neutral (white) conductor and safety ground (green or conduit) conductor of a building electrical system. For further information on Neutral to ground noise / voltage you can read the following Causes and Cures publication here. By Powervar - an Amtek company. Any noise or voltage between these two inherent grounds can cause undesired operation and failure.

Using a digital multimeter probe the White Wire with your + Positive Lead and the earth ground Green/conduit wire with your - Lead in VOLT mode. Do not use 'Auto' or mV mode as this will give us a false positive or inaccurate reading.

Vatech recommends neutral to ground reading to be less than .150 (Desired) and not to exceed .200 else electrical damage may occur.

  • Run the ground* directly to the actual earth grounding rod or ground point that is attached directly to Earth ground (This is excludes the building super structure, framing, water piping etc..) this should be an actual earth ground* 

Pro Tips:

  • Certain units might require direct hard wiring under IEC standards. These units may also need a pre-installed junction box (preferably with a removable/fusible link rated at 20amps or above) which is outlined in the pre-installation report.
  • PC should be connected to the same dedicated outlet or to a power supply as the X-ray device (Capture PC only) - when availilbe*


Power Protection: (Optional) 

Power  Protection guide

1.) Voltage/Surge Protection:

'AVR' or Automatic Voltage Regulator should be used for Voltage / Surge Protection.

TripLite LC1200 Or higher/Similiar devices*

These devices typically will help with voltage, brown outs and things of that nature but should not be confused as a 'Battery Backup or UPS by their more common name" as Battery Backups can cause damage to the device.

2.) Legacy Amperage Protection:

Note: Vatech No longer recommends the use of Amtek* PowerVar units on G2 and higher devices due to added noise and built in grounding filtration. G1 055-xxx and older legacy devices only*

2D Units - will use the 7.0 Amp

3D Units - will use the 8.0 Amp



Checking Power & Neutrual To Ground proceedure:

First verify the outlet is properly wired by using Outlet tester, simply plug it in and follow the Key on the tester. Normally all testers are the same, both amber lights and red off indicates a good wiring connection. Any other combination will indicate the referenced wiring problem as specified on the tester's key diagram.

EzRay Air wall products:

Please visit the EzRay Air Power guide

All other 2D / 3D Devices:

A tester can be acquired at most hardware, electric supply stores, walmart or other like locations. In the event you do not have access to a tester, you can use your volt meter to check however is less accurate due to human error.

You must measure neutral-to-ground or hot-to-ground voltage. If the neutral-to-ground is 120V and the hot-to-ground is a few volts or less, then the hot and neutral wires are reversed

Next we will need to check for the proper voltage levels  first by checking Hot and Neutral, Confirming the power is with in 110 specifications +/- 10%.

Checking H/G:

Next check the Neutral to Ground for any voltage noise being fed into the ground. On a dedicated outlet the target voltage reading should be .000 however in some cases less than .2 volts may be acceptable. Anything above .2 volt should be checked for proper dedication and noise interference due to faulty wiring or other noise being fed into the environment. This can be anything from internally in the office or power supply from the electric company. It will be up to a qualified electrician to determine the root issue.

In some cases a dedicated/isolated ground may be used to clear up stray voltage noise and bypass the electric box receiving the noise.

Checking N/G:




Vatech America will not be liable for damages to the machine under the warranty terms and conditions due to non-dedicated power connections, improper voltage, noise, or faulty grounding environment.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to confirm that these requirements are met prior to the installation of any Vatech device. If the specifications are not met, please insure that the issues are resolved before connecting or continuing to use with defective non-compliant power.We also recommend requesting the office’s electrician report on their findings and a confirmation of repair detailing what steps were taken to resolve the issue(s).