Preventive Maintenance & Regulatory Requirement Schedule

Written on Aug 8, 2017

Vatech America recommends that you contact your Authorized Dealer for service. Most service is outlined in your user manual 'Care & maintenance" section.

Maintenance Objectives:


Typically your dealer will do a visual inspection of the unit of the most common operational protocols up to but not limited to the following:

  • General Operation
  • Inspect all belts for wear
  • Inspect all cabling for any damaged or accelerated wear
  • Inspect / clean / service - all rail guides, worm gears and other like moving parts -  for dust, debris and lubricate with a fine White Lithium Grease
  • Recommends your dealer technician access the following link to download the general PM schedule and also keep this on file for any inspection.
  • Manufacture specific performance testing requirements.

Typically Daily/monthly/yearly CT calibration checks are not required unless outlined in your local State/Province special requirements (See local regulations). In some cases certain areas will require even when not technically needed; a specific yearly check or evaluation process for record.


Maintenance & Quality Assurance Schedule:


The following manufacure guidelines should be used In those areas NOT requiring more frequent checks. Please see the attached Manual schedule for CT Check Maintenance Schedule.

  • Please always consult with your local physicist to set up maintenance schedule for your X-Ray device.  
  • If you need a phantom kit to test your X-Ray device, please contact your local dealer.  
  • Service: indicated items are for service engineer or End User
  • QA: Marked items are required for QA physicist Inspection


Vatech Recommended Quality Test      
No Mode Description Recommended
Operator Instrument
1 Pano/Ceph Alignment of the X-Ray beam (4% Cut) Yearly Service EZAlign
2 CT Alignment of the X-Ray beam (4% Cut) Yearly Service EZAlign
3 CT CT Noise Yearly Service/QA EzEval
4 CT Image Homogeneity - Uniformity Yearly Service/QA EzEval
5 CT Mean CT Number Yearly Service/QA EzEval
6 CT  Low Contrast Resolution Yearly Service EzEval
7 CT High Contrast Resolution Yearly Service EzEval


























Scatter & Other Regulatory reports

All scater, leakage, Xray Dose and Dap reports can be found by visitng here: Regulatory Reports


Regulatory By State Requirements:

All State and local codes are to be provided by the respected local regulatory commissions or agencies in your area. For the Regulatory guide by State; simply locate the document for your state please visit here:  Regulatory by State .

Note: Vatech America provides the fore mentioned solely as a guide line; and can change with out notice. Please check with your local regulatory for any discrepancies.

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