EzSensorHD & Wave : XDR Twain Configuration

Written on Oct 31, 2019

Launch XDR imaging software

Click on the “Settings” button on the left pane

At the following window, select the “More Advanced Settings” window

The software will ask for a password to enter the “More Advanced Settings” tab

  • Password to enter is xdrtech

On the left drop down at the top (Select Device To Create or Edit)

  • Select the “Device Not Assigned” option

  • On the bottom of that drop down (Select Twain Source for this Device) select “Intraoral USB Sensor
  • Below the second drop down (Input Name For This Device) type in name of your device  (i.e. Vatech Wave)
  • On the right at the top make sure to select the “Intraoral” option
  • Select the “Close After Transfer” option
  • Select the “Standard Gamma” option


In order to save these settings, click on the “Save Device Definitions

  • You must see the “Acknowledged” window that confirms you saved the settings 
  • You can have more than one TWAIN source configured/customized


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