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  • Power: How to check power on EzRay Air wallmount units

    Neutral to ground voltageAny potential measured between the neutral (white) conductor and safety ground (green or conduit) conductor of a building electrical system. For further information on Neutral to ground noise / voltage you can read the following Causes and Cures publication here. By Powervar - an Amtek company. Any noise or voltage between ...

  • Shutting Down Capture PC Nightly

    Vatech recommends that the Capture PC* should be shut down nightly to avoid possible memory leaks, failed to save or other undesired failed operations due to the Windows environment leaking memory from being left on too long.

  • Power: What are the Power Requirements for Vatech X-Ray systems?

    Vatech’s manufacturer requirement is that all per-installation site checks must be done prior to any Vatech device installs, during any annual inspection or troubleshooting/repair to ensure proper power requirements are met and maintained.  The following is a brief overview of the power requirements that MUST be checked and resolved prior...

  • What can I do for Power Loss, Brown outs, Low voltage and amperage?

    During an active power outages, brown out, low amperage/voltage occurrence please power down the equipment and safely remove the patient from the device. Do not operate the device until after the power condition has passed, and all power is restored to normal operation. It is advised that you unplug the device from the power outlet until the condit...

  • Can I use a "UPS" Battery backup to protect my X-ray device?

    Can I use a "UPS" Battery backup to protect my X-ray device?No - Vatech does not recommend using a "UPS" or known as Battery backup on your X-ray machine. These devices are run off battery and typically can not keep up with the power demand; typically when used will cause a long tone or beeping sound during capturing which indic...

  • My Xray machine will not turn or power on.

    The most common mistake is the emergency stop switch, locate the emergency stop switch located typically under the "Handle frame" this is the part of the arm that sticks out for patient to hold onto and supports the chin rest.Rotate the switch in the direction indicated by the arrows; if engaged typically it will be lite up 'red' ...