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  • What are the Power Requirements for Vatech X-Ray systems?

    Vatech’s manufacturer requirement is that all pre-installation site checks must be done prior to any Vatech device installs, during any anual inspection or troublehsooting/repair to ensure proper power requirements are met and maintained.  The following is a brief overview of the power requirements that MUST be checked and resolved prior...

  • What can I do for Power Loss, Brown outs, Low voltage and amperage?

    During an active power outages, brown out, low amperage/voltage occurrence please power down the equipment and safely remove the patient from the device. Do not operate the device until after the power condition has passed, and all power is restored to normal operation. It is advised that you unplug the device from the power outlet until the condit...

  • What should I use to protect my X-ray device from electrical power surges

    What should I use to protect my X-ray device from electrical surges?Amperage Protection: First we recomend having a PowerVar* unit which will assist with protection from over Amperage.Most NEW devices sold after 2014 will come wtih the appropriate device. However if your machine did not come wtih a PowerVar unit We recommend that you contact your d...