Backup Guide for EzSeries: EzServer Database for EzDent-i and Ez3D-i software?

Written on May 5, 2017

Backup guide for EzSeries: EzDent-i and Ez3D-i Database

Vatech America highly recommends that ONLY certified IT professionals setup, manage and monitor daily redundant backups for your software.

Your IT professional will need to download the following guide order to prepare for a successful backup.

EzDent-i DB Backup Documenation

Note: Please note that Vatech America is not able to recommend any methodology or software for conducting backups due to certain HIPAA rules and regulations.  We are only able to instruct you on what to back up and any special instructions required before the backup occurs.

Backup the Following Folders

Qualified IT personnel should setup automated backups the following primary two directories:



File Storage:

C:\Program files (x86)\Vatech\Common\FM

 NOTE: They may be located in a drive other than C:\ depending on which drive is selected during the initial installation

Please also see "How Often should I backup EzDent-i"

Locating the EzSeries Server Location:

Typically the database is either located on the main office server or the capture pc* depending on where the IT elected to have it during setup or have had it moved. To locate the database location you can determine the location based on where current instances of EzDent-i or Ez3D-i in working order is pointed to.

  • Locate a working PC with the EzSeries software installed and functioning.
  • Open EzDent-i and Click the 'EzDent-i /Menu' Button located in the upper Left hand corner.

  • Open the 'Settings'

  • Click 'Database'

  • Here you will find the IP address of where the EzServer is located at.. will be a local server - meaning the database is local on the same pc*
    All Other IP address will indicate the Ezserver is located on that target IP*




Locating the Data File location:

In the event the data location is not the default location: C:\Program files (x86)\Vatech\Common\FM and has been moved to alternative drive, or storage path you can check the location of the data path by looking in the following configuration file:

Updated Versions: .ini file path

Older Versions:  VTFileManager

  • In the TaskTray open the icon by right clicking
  • Seclect 'Configuration'
  • In the configuration menu you can typically locate the file path being used*

  • This file path outlined will be the location of the bulk data storage to backup from*

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