How To Recover Corrupted PostGresSQL DB using VTDB tool

Written on Jan 3, 2020

How to recover Postgresql Patient DB using VTDB Back up.exe

This guide is considered USE AT OWN RISK.

Please note that this should not be relied on as the primary way to of backing up the Ezdent-I/EzServer Database. Please follow the FAQ guide for proper database back up procedure. Proper backups by certified IT for proper retention as outlined by HIPAA requirements should be used instead.

If you are having issues with Postgresql not working or it has been compromised beyond repair somehow, you may use this method to possibly recover the patient database in absence of proper backup of the database files.

  • Navigate to the tool below, you can use it to try to recover the Postgresql data.
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\VATECH\Common\FM\Bin\VTDBBackup32.exe

When EzServer is installed, it creates a task in Task Scheduler to run the tool every day at 1:00 PM to create a backup file. Any new data after 1:00 PM, will not be backed up until the next day.

NOTE: This can only recover the Postgresql data and only if the backup files themselves have not been compromised. VTFile Manager files [Actual scan data] are not affected or backed up or recoverable by this program or method.


  • Once you have located the tool, right click VTDBBackup32.exe and select Run as Administrator.

This will bring up the window as above showing the available back up options sorted by date.

  • You will then select the appropriate back up from which you want to restore from.


  • Then Click DB Restore from the backup file at the bottom and wait for the process to finish
  • Open Ezdent-I to verify data has been restored.

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