Ez3D-i benefits of higher hardware capability requirement.

Written on Jul 31, 2018

Why does Ez3D-i require high end processing ability, typically what benefits are achievable as such?


  • Consultation / patient education videos
  • STL overlay
  • CBCT comparison – 3D-I allows you to overlay two CBCt’s – pre and post scans
  • Smart clipping
  • Sinus lift analysis
  • Crown simulation
  • Guide path simulation
  • 3D pan with windowed cross sectional detail analysis
  • 360 degree rotational view in 3D pan view
  • TMJ analysis
  • Auto separation of the condyle & fossa
  • Patient reporting feature
  • And much more to list!
Typically, Ez3D-i  presentation to the patient will increase the odds of treatment plan acceptance.  Ez3D-i offers tools and demonstrations videos included to better assist in presenting to the patient.
Some common factors that arise in most dental offices day to day:
  1. Patient does not think the problem is big or bad enough to do anything about (especially if there is no pain involved).
  2. Patient does not understand the problem
  3. Patient does not trust what they are being told
The beauty of the CBCT is that it resolves all of those obstacles as you can show, explain and educate the patient with the 3D software.  Ez3D-i will be easier to learn and navigate which is essential to providing comprehensive patient care. 
In conclusion, increased hardware is needed for Nex-Generation software; to include all these great features. This will aid a practice in their treatment plan. It also increases the highly professional treatment presentation  to the patient with clear understanding.

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