EzSeries: How to Activate / Deactivate EzDent-i & Ez3D-i Floating License

Written on Oct 5, 2022

Use the following guide to Activate/Deactivate the FLOATING LICENSE Key only.


  • First verify that the most up todate version of EzSeries: EzDent-i, Ez3D-i, EzCommon Tools are installed.
  • Required Version (Or Higher):

          EZServer:              V5.2.0

          EzDent-i:              V3.3.1

          Ez3D-i:                 V5.4.0

          EzCommonTools:  V1.0.3

  • Locate the provided License Key list.

  • Launch the Ezlauncher if you have a desktop icon if you do not see this icon continue to next step, if you do have the icon, skip the next few steps to the connection select step below.

  • EzWebAgent.exe Tool from the C:\Program Files (X86)\Vatech\EzCommonTools\EzWebagent\

  • If the Server IP / Port has not been configured the Quick Settings will appear and allow you to set the IP address of the EzServer
  • Verify the default port (43112) is in use and click 'Search Server', a List will appear and select the proper server IP. If local the IP will be, if remote the IP will be the remote IP.
  • Once Selected select Connection Check once the verification is finished and passed click save.

  • Next the program will automatically run the EzLauncher to allow license activation.

  • Click Execution which will launch the Activation wizard.
  • Under the License Status List click the Add button.

         ProTip: For 3D Units EzDent-i and Ez3D-i will both use seperate keys you will need to go through adding the License key steps twice, once for EzDent-i key and once for  Ez3D-i Key.

  • Select Use License Key and click Next


  • Paste the License key provided  for the desired software EzDent-i or Ez3d-i and click next.

  • Fill out he required clinic/site information.

  • Click Register, once activated you will get a confirmation of the License type activated, click Done.


Launch the software to confirm functionality.

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