Does Vatech Support VPN or other site to site / Multi site connections?

Written on Jun 15, 2016

Vatech DOES NOT support Easydent4 or  (EzSeries) EzDent-i/Ez3D-i for the use of site to site VPN or other means for remote connections; as we have no way to trouble shoot such connections. Any setup of this nature would be considered 'use at own risk'.

In some cases network speed reduction due to the use of remote server, VPN also can adversly affect performance and Vatech is not able to provide any assistance in the event of connection issues; slow operation or other undesired operation occurs as result.

To run a remote site database/connection you will want to have a qualified IT/Network team to assist with setting up the connection type of your choosing. Both sites would have to be networked together in a manner that all systems work as one network and can see each other 'as if they were side by side'.

Please note that although it is possible to run the software over a networked connection such as VPN, WLAN or other remote connection, Vatech is not able to support its configuration; or support if the connection does not work due to many variables.

Vatech Support can only provide certain level of support of the basic software, and configuration. Choosing to run over remote connection might cause undesired operation; slow data transfer opening or saving. All these things must be considered when choosing to run in this manner. Your IT will be responsible for managing this network and configuration as it is out side of Vatech's normal support scope so it will be important for them to understand the connection and dynamics of the software for support if choosing to run in this manner.


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