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  • Configuration of EzDenti EzServer settings to connect to Database or File Server does not work message

    EzDent-i Producing error "File Server does not work - Please check File Server. When this error occurs you might not be able to access patient images or save images to patient chart.The first thing we must do is identify where the File Server is located. In this section it is important to not make any changes to any configuration. This step is...

  • How do I order License Key's for EzDent-i/Ez3D-i?

    Vatech America typically provides the requested keys ordered with your device at the time of installation either by way of your Dealer Technician, Local District Sales Manager or via Support.Please refer to those original keys, however in the event you do not have any additional keys available or have exceeded the initial allocated amount; you may ...

  • How do I email images from EzDent-i?

    Once you have found the image in question.. Please right click the image and press “Email” These can be done normally with Panoramic and Cephalometric images. CBCT images are too large to e-mail and may need to be sent via DropBox or other similar program due to file size limitations. NOTICE: Vatech Does not endorse...

  • How do I edit patient information in EzDent-i?

    EzDent-i has a button which looks like a blank person with a roundabout arrow. Click this button and modify your patient data accordingly. On the next screen simply enter the updated patient information as desired in step A. as shown below and then when finished hit Modify step B. Note: Please note that...

  • How do I create a new patient profile in EzDent-i?

    EzDent-i has a button which looks like a blank person with plus sign (+) next to it. Click this button create a new patient profile. Once the new window appears please fill in as many fields as possible. Note: Chart, First Name, Last name; Date of Birth; Gender are all required fields other wise capture...

  • How do I install EzDent-i?

    First, your IT must establish the type of installation to be conducted. There are three separate setups types for EZDent-i. The console installation will either be on a acquisition computer however the data might be located locally to the Console will always be on the Capture PC regardless of Database location. Server Installation will only...