How do we keep our Legacy Device HIPAA or PIPEDA Compliant

Written on Jan 11, 2017

First you will want to determine if your Legacy Device is eligible for updating to either Windows 7 or Windows 10 by reviewing the following windows compatibility list. It is advised that you contact Vatech Support before proceeding to verify all software and hardware compatibiltiy first.

Click here for  Legacy Windows 7 Compatibility
Click here for Legacy Windows 10 Compatibility

Once you have determined if your Legacy Device is eligible either of the following choices might apply to your device.

A. If your device is NOT Windows 10 compatible -or- If your device IS Compatible but wish to not upgrade

      You simple need to do one or both of the following which will satisfy the HIPAA / PIPEDA Guideline of securing the data in lou of upgrading to a supported operating system.

  1. If the data is stored locally you can Move the data to an updated system still receiving updated from Microsoft
  2. Remove 'cloud' access from the Capture PC (This means removing the ability to go online from the computer, we do ask that your IT installs a full version of team viewer 11 Client on the PC and allow access by that program to the cloud for remote access from technical support.

B. If your device is Windows 10 compatible and wish to upgrade you may contact your IT professional to start the process of upgrading the operating system to the supported OS. Always remember to contact Vatech Support before hand to verify all software and hardware is compatible.


Notes: We advise if cleanly installing the operating system, all upgrades be done on a NEW hard drive installed on the ORIGINAL PC that was designed to operate your device., the old hard disk would then be retained for retention/backup*.

Upgrading directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is the most productive and fastest way to complete the upgrade process. Be sure to always make a backup of the entire system before upgrading.

Vatech is unable to recommend any PC -and- guarantee it to work problem free, other than the PC provided with the unit "as delivered by manufacture"

In some cases; we might provide information based on what we have seen other sites used that we seen to 'work' however we do not in any way guarantee their function and provided for reference only. Always consult your IT professional to confirm what your unit needs based on the PC provided or manufacture recommendations.

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