What PC should I use to replace my Capture PC?

Written on May 28, 2020

Vatech America recommends that you consult with an IT professional to determine your exact needs. The PC that came new with the equiptment 'As delivered by Manufacture' is the PC that you need but sometimes clinics like to upgrade.


Verify Windows Compatibility

First you need to verify that if your replacement PC is coming with Windows 10 that your system is compatible. Please verify by visiting our Windows 10 Compatibiltiy page here.


Please note that if your device is not listed as compatible device you will need to retain the current capture pc as it is and consult with your IT person about how to make the PC that is no longer supported - HIPAA Compliant as outlined in the Windows 10 Upgrade guide.


Windows Professional ONLY - Windows home is not supported.


Pax-i Series Devices:

All Pax-i Devices - are compatible Windows 10, however Pax-i (Pano/Ceph) only devices are typically not provided with a PC and you should consult your IT person to spec a replacement PC that mirrors what you already have.

For all other 3D units that were provided a Capture PC from Vatech we recommend the following PC for replacement of all Pax-i Series 3D devices. Please note that some requirements such as larger RAM or GPU might be required. We recommend that your IT visit and locate the Pre-installation Report of your machine by device type by visiting our Pre-installation Report FTP  and locate the prodcut type of your machine to verify.

Please note that all requirements are subject to change with or without notice.


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