EZDenti-i: How to change or auto hide the default patient list view

Written on Nov 5, 2018

How to change or auto hide the default patient list when opening EZDent-i

EZDent-i has built in features that allow the end users to change the way it handles the patient listing.

  • Access these options by opening the EZDent-i settings clicking the 'EzDenti' logo in the upper left hand corner.
  • Select 'Settings' to open the user settings menu.



  • From the 'Environment' section, select the 'Patient Tab' as shown. Here you will find the Recent Patient List options to choose from. Note: The default configuration is shown below:



There are several options to choose from in this menu depending on the way the end user wishes to have the software behave.


1. Default List View:

  • Hidden - Does not show any list as default.
  • Recently Acquired - Shows patient list having recently acquired images as default
  • Recently Viewed - Shows patient list having been recently viewed no matter if images were taken or not.


2. Display Limit

  • Limits the list between 5-30 shown

         Note: This is ignored setting if Default list view is set to 'Hidden'


3. Automatically Show Patient Images

  • Enable - Automatically shows the image preview list with out having to click on the chart listing
  • Disable- Does not show the image preview, user has to click the patient chart to show image preview or access images.



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