Error in program callers code / CVDACQ_ETERR program Code

Written on Jan 10, 2017

Error in program callers code / CVDACQ_ETERR program Code is occurred when communication between PC (Capture program) and One Shot* Ceph sensor (OS PRO) or (OS PRO TROY) style sensor is not established, or sensor not ready state in IP communication occurs.



First you will want to turn off the X-ray device for 20 seconds and allow the unit to reset.

Next reboot the PC as well to be on a fresh boot.

Turn on the PC first and allow windows to load.

Turn on X-ray unit and allow to fully initialize fully.

Restart the capture sequence and confirm it is now able to take images again.


For IT/Certified Technicians you can check the PC's NIC (Or secondary NIC when available) IP setting should be 192.168.1.xx (Typically .88 preferred).

Ceph sensor IP will most likely be , you can continuously ping the IP and verify if you get a response.

-If it responds; turn off the Xray unit and confirm the request times out; if it does not then something on the network is using this IP and will need to be stopped before the unit will work again.

-If it does not respond; check connections; IP settings and NIC.


If all fails contact Vatech Support.

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