What should I use to clean and Sanitize my X-ray unit; covers and accessories?

Written on Mar 13, 2017

Vatech America does not recommend or endorse any cleaning product in particularly. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to determine what is adequate for use to clean and sanitize based on FDA as well as local codes.

However based on performance and recommendation by Vatech Users ; Clorox Brand* Hydrogen peroxide wipes. (Contains no bleaching agents) as shown below seems to be the best choice by most clinics to properly clean and disinfect/sanitize.



  1. Most clinics like to use Cavi "Cavicide" wipes for their general cleaning however these wipes as well as other various 'like' wipes contains to high of an alcohol content in various forms. This will cause the plastics to dry out prematurely, becoming brittle, they might also flake, crack or break.
  2. Please do not put accessories into devices such as agitates; ultra sonic cleaners; autoclave devices. These accessories include bitesticks, bite blocks, chin rests, temple supports. 


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