Easydent4 and Ez3D Windows & Server - Operating System Compatibility Guide

Written on Sep 10, 2018

Operating System & Server Compatibility for Easydent4 & Ez3D Plus

NOTICE: Due to End Of Support by Microsoft of Windows 7 as of Jan 14, 2020 and Microsoft MSSQL Server - Easydent4 / Ez3D Plus is no longer under support.

Due to end-of life support Vatech is no longer able to assist wtih NEW installations of unsupported software. We recommend having your IT Conmpany review the Guide to Keep your unsupported software HIPAA Compliant*

Upgrading Software:

Vatech recommends verifying if your X-ray Device is compatible to update to current version of Windows.

Verify if your Hardware can update to a Supported Windows  - please check the Windows 10  Upgrade guide to verify if your hardware is compatible. If your X-ray Hardware is compatible to upgrade* to a supported version, Vatech Recommends upgrading at cost to the current version supported Software*.


Installing Existing Easydent4/Ez3D Plus

IF you need software installed on a new PC, which IS compatibible please have your I.T. Consultant follow the following guides


Windows and Server Compatibility

Server Compatibility: (No longer supported - Use at own risk)

The following Operating systems have been identified as supporting the MSSQLSERVER - SQL Engine.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows VIsta
  • Windows 7
  • All Server editions up to Server 2012

The following Operating systems have been identified as non supporting the MSSQLSERVER - SQL Engine.

  • Windows 10
  • All Server editions after 2012 edition.

Workstations: (No longer supported - Use at own risk)

The following Operating systems have been identified to operate as workstation type 'viewing' PC's, typically chair side, operatory, and other workstation type.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

Not Supported: (Use at own risk)

  • Windows 8* - Use at own risk
  • Windows 10* - Use at own risk

No Support:

Windows 11 and higher.


*On Screen Keyboard may not work, however all other general functions working normally. Requires 'Run as Admin' on all Executables.

NOTICE: Vatech is not able to guarantee any upgrade to any windows platform other than 'as delivered by manufacture' due to changes or updates to Windows* by Microsoft with out notice at any given time due to changes out side of manufacture control.

Any upgrade or Update windows platform should be carefully managed by Certified IT Consultant in accordance with Manufacture specifications and suggestions. Failure to comply or deviation might cause potential stability issues or undesired failures.

Always retain Original Capture PC and Hard Drive in its entirety in case of upgrade failure to reversion of the system and retention.

In some cases limited functionality might occur, such as twain, direct integration and other such which was originally designed to operate in the previous platform. In those cases we are unable to provide functionality. 

Once the upgrade or update is completed, It is strongly advised that any upgrade a certified IT professional creates a 'clone' copy of the working hard drive in case of failure due to such updates or changes out side of our control.

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