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  • Shutting Down Capture PC Nightly

    Vatech recommends that the Capture PC* should be shut down nightly to avoid possible memory leaks, failed to save or other undesired failed operations due to the Windows environment leaking memory from being left on too long.

  • Capture PC Specs: What PC should I use for my Capture Computer?

    Vatech America recommends that you consult with an IT professional to determine your exact needs. The PC that came new with the equiptment 'As delivered by Manufacture' is the PC that you need but sometimes clinics like to upgrade. Verify Windows CompatibilityFirst you need to verify that if your replacement PC is coming with Windows 1...

  • Can we use a Laptop or All-in ONE PC as a Capture PC for our Pax-i?

    Vatech does not support the use of Laptop's or All-in One PC's as thier primary capture pc for our 2D X-Ray units.Laptop's and All in one PC's do not allow the proper expansion for the required secondary NIC card to make the connection to the device for stability. They also offer very limited performance due to their compact size an...