How to move or redirect Database for EzServer File Storage data path in Version 4.1 or Later

Written on Sep 7, 2021

EzServer to  EzServer 4.1 Data or higher, the VTFilemanageer no longer controls the file path and will need to update the EzWebServer (Service) file path that it references.

To update the File Path you will need to update the path the EzWebService points to by one of two options, either by using the Simple Version editing the .ini directly or using the Server Control Manager.

Moving the data:


  • You will want to locate the C:\Program Files (x86)\VATECH\Common\FM\FMdata\  folder
  • Copy the 'FMdata' folder to the location desired.


Using Server Configuration Config.ini (Simple Way)

To change using the Server Config.ini - you will simply edit the .ini path to the specified file path required.

In this example using "G:\Vatech\Common\FM" as its data storage path, the Config.ini will need to be updated*



  • Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\VATECH\EzWebServer\www\ezwebserver\src\application\config\
  • Locate the Config.ini and open in Note pad
  • Change the fm_top_dir= path to the specified path desired; in this example we will change this settting to the "G:\VATECH\Common\FM" save and exit.
  • Locate the Cofig_base.ini as well and repeat the steps.

Changed to updated path:




Using Server Control Manager (Long Way)


If you would like to change the default file path of the Storage Data - please download and follow the Changing Service Path Guide


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