On the bottom right of my screen there is a section that is flashing red.

Written on Dec 12, 2016

On the bottom right of my screen there is a section that is flashing red.  F-server disconnected or I can not save images?

EasyDent4 requires two services to be running in order to work optimally, which are DB server and File Server.

When the File Server is disconnected it is because the File Server service is not running or there is a Firewall issue at hand. Please run the File Server.exe or if the problem is on a workstation; check the Console (Capture PC) is able to access the images. If it is then have your IT check Firewall settings and add exclusions. Please note that if the hosting database is located on the server then the file server will need to be checked by your IT for proper running of the program as follows below in next step.

The File Server will be usually found on the Capture PC or Server hosting the Database. To run the File Server.exe, please go to the Windows Start button in the bottom left corner. Select All Programs. Then find the EasyDent4 folder. Then select the File Server 4.

In the event that the fileserver is already running you can try one of the following

Exit the File server by right clicking on the file server icon and click exit.

Once you have exited the file server you can try to restart it by following the above steps. Often times in Windows 8 sometimes the fileserver will stop working due to firewall; update; or other events. Restarting is the best way.

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