How do I Check for updates for EZ3D Plus?

Written on Dec 12, 2016

First you will need to know your current version of Ez3D Plus; this can be done by simply opening a scan into the Ez3D Plus as normal viewing.

Once in the software click “help” and then click “ about” from the drop down menu.

Here will be the version information (example: Once you have completed this step you can simply have your IT access the Customer Learning center Manuals page and under the EZ3D Plus section; select the Installation Guide for Dealer and IT Persons guide. This will instruct him how to download the updated file, providing an FTP link.

Your IT will simply need to compare the version you have vs the latest version continued in the FTP link. If the version is greater in the FTP link simply have your IT follow the document.

How often should I check or update my version?

Vatech’s software team “Ewoosoft” typically releases patch based releases to address certain functions and sometimes will include new features from time to time; at random*

Once you have verified the version you have is not the ‘latest version’ we typically recommend updates after 4 version difference.

Example: If you have version but current version is or we recommend you wait until the next release of at least to decrease the amount of time spent per year performing updates and increase the production time of your clinic.

NOTE: If specific updates are required Vatech support will direct you if any such are needed depending on any specific issue you might have. Typically if you are not experiencing an issue you do not need the update.

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