How to install Implant DB or updates for Ez3D Plus

Written on Sep 1, 2016

Vatech offers user - updaters for updating their implant database needs via the Customer Learning Center.

Ez3D Plus - Downloads & Documents

You will need to use your login account created during training or if you do not have one please sign up when prompted. Once you are logged in select - "Implant Library Updates for Ez3D Plus

You will then be directed to the update FTP server; you can simply browse by manufacture name to find the updater required.

For faster searching you can use windows hot key CTRL+S to open search function in most browsers - simply type the manufacture name to quickly find the right one. Please note that there might be several pages 1,2,3 located near the bottom to search through all updaters.


Instructions for installation:

Once you have located the manufacture installer you want; make sure Ez3D Plus is closed, then - simply click the link and it will download the updater; and then run it; in some cases it might ask you to run or save; click run is ok as well.

Once it runs, simply click "next" all the way through and it will install the updated library.

If the manufacture I want is not there:

Finally if the manufacture is not listed then most likely we do not have rights to carry those implants. If it is something you would like added you have a few options.

One is to add custom implants - you can check your user manual for the implant section on adding custom implants to guide you through this process. You do not need the STL for this process, the program will put a general shape to it however if you have access to the SLT from your implant rep please see the STL implant section as well.

Secondly if you are able to obtain permission from your implant rep; all size information of the implants; please contact the Marketing team

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