EzSensor: SDK How to adjust XVCapture Quality & Processing settings

Written on Feb 22, 2022

How to adjust XVCaputre Quality settings

Images aquired in the SDK by XVCapture are managed by Image Processing and Post Capture filters inside XVCapture. Vatech recommends reaching out to XVCapture Support for changing any settings inside their software to ensure proper configuration. This guide is provided only as an example and not intended for self support.


Accessing the Settings:

  • Access the Preferences and Options Menu and Click 'Imaging Extensions' (Note: for detailed information on accessing this section that is password protected contact Xrayvision support.)


  • Expand the Digital X-Ray Image Capture menu by Clicking once, then choose the Vatech Intra Oral Digital X-Ray Extension by double clicking



Ajusting settings:

Setting Image Processing Type: Adjusting Image quality processing:

  • To adjust Quality settings of the image processing you can Choose the Image processing desired and Binning mode

          Vatech recommends for optimum image quality settings at all levels the following:

          Image processing mode: IP704

          Binning Mode: 1 2x2


Adding or removing Post Capture filters such as Flip or other image processing:

  • Click the Modify Post Capture Filters button.  Contained within this menu area are the options you will want XVCapture Support to add or remove depending on the desired settings.

    Fast Noise removal, Gamma Reduction, Flip Horizontally

  • Click Ok to save any settings changed.



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