How do I use Datagrabber?

Written on Jan 11, 2017

Data grabber is a 3rd party software made and supported by Apteryx Ware. For more detailed information you can visit their site for product help and support by visiting their site or Clicking Here.

The most common way of using Data Grabber is to have already installed and configured a properly working "PMS" (Practice Management Software) most common are Eagle soft; Open Dental, Ortho Trac and so on..

Once you have a patient chart open in the PMS; typically this is the main chart listing, or Family File in some cases, you will find the Blue "D" data grabber Icon which you will double click. This will result in opening EasyDent4 or EzDent-i either adding the patient information if not already added; or opening in case the chart has previously been added.

The following demonstration video will provide a basic understanding on how to use Data Grabber

Video Coming Soon!


Note: Open Dental offers a direct bridge you can access.

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