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  • Pax-i - Installing Twain for captureing 2D images into 3rd party software.

    Applies to Pax-i PCH-2500 units. For new units having a manufacture date before 2017  - you will need to download and install the twain manually from the Dealer Portal. Please access the Dealer portal from the Support & Service page. Note: You will need to use your personal access login to obtain access.   Select the Pax-i Series NCS...

  • Pax-i3D CT2 (Green 2) - Installing Twain for capturing 2D image into 3rd party software.

    NOTE: installing capture program should only be done by authorized service tehcnician.During NCSW Installation To Install the twain for Green 18 - you simply have to select the CR type - Pano & Ceph modes during installation options to Twain mode. This is done during installation of the NCSW Capture program. Each 2D Modaility we refer to as CR...

  • Tracker is not recognizing the twain driver.

    First, make sure ALL twain settings are correct: Correct patientinfo.ini path and info Linkinfo.ini has the correct paths VATWAIN is configured properly (if used)Environment.ini and environment_twain.ini (if used)Second, test using TwackerTo set up twain to work within Tracker, you must select the Twain Device CMD option when trying to acquire. To ...