Applications need Run as Admin to run properly and lowering UAC settings

Written on Jul 28, 2021

Windows Admin Rights in Windows 10 & 11 requirement - Why?

In the Windows 10/11 environments, Microsoft made certain changes that require certain programs that direct draw hardware, write registry or modify/specific folders such as Windows directory for C++, .net or other critical areas requires software to run as admin to limit certain unwanted changes, or potential security risks as a "block all' approach vs a smarter whitelist approach. Running apps as administrator in Windows gives them extra privileges, allows them access, and edit the registry, change system files, dll's and other folders that are usually restricted.

The problem stems from how Windows 10 handles file security. Most applications that Window 10 runs will always run as a limited / standard user despite even being run from a local admin account.

For Vatech Applications to run properly and utilize the Class A medical device software the added 'Run as Admin' will be needed. Some updated versions might also include a request for admin automatically as part of the programing to overcome the restriction in windows 10/11. This is required typically depending on elevated security levels within the security profiles or domain OU account permissions/restrictions. Vatech Software does access direct draw of certain PCI cards such as Optic Grabber cards, access to read & Write to protected registry areas and system Windows folders.

Requested Admin and UAC:

Some applications that make certain changes on computer settings or will make some changes on the system files of the computer for the application to run might trigger User Account Control "UAC". UAC settings that are too high or restrictive might prompt for an Admin User ID and Password. Turning this down will disable this function and allow the software to run properly. UAC at normal levels should only prompt for a simple 'OK' button to continue on just as a double check the user is wanting to run the intended file.

Pro Tip:

Applications which run as administrator usually makes changes on computer settings or system files. Kindly check the User Account Control settings of your computer and check if the settings is on recommended settings.

Have your IT professional check the UAC settings and decrease as needed or set to the windows recommended setting level.

Press Windows Key + R
Type Control
Control Panel window will pop-up, Click on System and Security
Click on Security and Maintenance
On the left pane menu, click on Change User Account Control Settings
Check the status level of the UAC if it is set on recommended settings


Bypassing UAC - in some limited cases where as Vatech Software is stand alone, not using any 3rd party bridges removing "Run As Admin" can sometimes allow the software to run with out UAC interruption. Testing will need to incure to verify the software will run with limited admin access however. This is dictated by the sites IT policy* 

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