What is the best way to clean Ezsensor

Written on Aug 10, 2017

In order to prevent infection, wipe the front plate of the sensor unit with ethanol or glutaraldehyde solution to disinfect it each time a different patient uses the instrument. If you plan to use a disinfectant other than those specified above, or you are mixing another disinfectant with ethanol, please consult a specialist because it may damage the plate.

To clean the EzSensor HD, the following solutions are listed below. Please observe the precautions noted.

● Mild soap and water
● Isopropyl alcohol (70%)
● Mild, non-abrasive cleaners

Do not soak or immerse any part of the Product, and be sure to dry it completely after cleaning.
Clean the surface of the Product by moistening it with a soft cotton swab dipped in one of the cleaning solutions listed above. Gently wipe the surface end-to-end in straight lines, without applying any pressure. Make sure the liquid does not penetrate the Product through the USB cable or the sensor cable connectors.
After cleaning the surface of the EzSensor HD, use a clean lint-free cloth to dry the Product, as required, until the surface is clean.

※Clean the silicone cover using the same method.
※Do not use the following cleaning materials.

● Hard brushes or scrapers of any kind
● Strong acids or alkaloids
● Caviscide wipes (Also known as Cavi Wipes)


Do not soak the sensor in water or alcohol.

● Authorized service personnel can repair calibration issues.
● Service personnel cannot handle problems that are not mentioned in this manual.

Please request repairs to the manufacturer through a VATECH dealer.
● Equipment and accessories are to be disposed safely at the end of the Product life cycle. National regulation must be observed.


Notice: The overuse of any chemical might cause accelerated drying of the plastics or unintentional wear; it is important to when ever possible use film based protectants / sleeves for each patient rather than direct mouth contact of the sensor device* and overusing cleaning products.


Please note that our company bears no responsibility for accidental damage nor will we be obligated to provide warranty service for any damage to equipment due to user error. Please follow the instructions in the user manual closely. Become familiar with the safety precautions and usage procedures for the Product.