Pax-i3D CT2 (Green 2) - Installing Twain for capturing 2D image into 3rd party software.

Written on Jul 13, 2020

NOTE: installing capture program should only be done by authorized service tehcnician.

During NCSW Installation

  • To Install the twain for Green 18 - you simply have to select the CR type - Pano & Ceph modes during installation options to Twain mode. This is done during installation of the NCSW Capture program.
  • Each 2D Modaility we refer to as CR Type - Pano & Ceph will prompt during installation.
  • Select 'TWAIN' for CR type / Pano & Ceph modes. or SDK for EzDenti saving.


  • Once the installer finishes you will have the twain installed automatically and the CR Type for Pano & Ceph images will be preset to Twain saving mode.




After NCSW Installation

  • If NCSW has already been installed you can still install the twain manually by access the files on the installation CD.
  • Browse the installation CD and locate the Setupfiles - Contined with in you will find a 'Utils' folder.
  • Open the folder and inside you will locate the TWAIN folder. Copy this folder.
  • Now in a new windows open a Windows File Window, and browse to C:\Windows\Twain_32\
  • In this folder paste the copied folder, if prompted for extra secuirty approval hit yes or allow.
  • Once the folder is copied right click and hit rename folder. - Rename the folder to VESW.



Software Configuration:

  • Open the NCSW Capture program normally or by twain test application such as Twacker


  • Open the settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner.


  • Select 'Engineer' and enter the default password.


  • Select the 'General' tab to access the Patient information and Link information settings.


Patient information Setting:


  • For CT saving, Patient information should be pointed default location C:\VCaptureSW\exe\
  • For CR (Pano & Ceph) for twain saving, Patient information should be pointed default location C:\VCaptureSW\ 

Note: This file might need to be modified to reflect default Twain information, in the event the file is not present copy the one from the C:\VCaptureSW\exe\ to this location C:\VCaptureSW (root) and edit.

As shown in the image below; it can also work reverssed as long as EzDenti is properly matching the CT Link type section. Outlined in Red and CR mode opposit as outlined in Green.


Link Information Setting:


  • CT Link Type should remain 'SDK Link' as shown outlined in Red.
  • CR Link (Pano & Ceph) - Should be set to 'Twain Link' if twain mode is desired as outlined in Green.



  • Click Save once all desired settings have been entered and close.

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