Pax-i - Installing Twain for captureing 2D images into 3rd party software.

Written on Jul 13, 2020
  • Applies to Pax-i PCH-2500 units.
  • For new units having a manufacture date before 2017  - you will need to download and install the twain manually from the Dealer Portal..



Select the Pax-i PCH2500


Download the Pax-i Twain Wrapping Module.



Extract the zip and follow the included instructions.






For new units having a manufacture date in or after 2017 

For units having manufacture date in or after 2017 - NCSW comes by default with twain included on the Installation CD. SImply select twain mode as the save type option during installation to install the twain.

The twain files will install into the PC and the default capture settings for twain mode will be automatically generated.

You will only need to open the configuration file to point to proper patient information in order for the capture program not to error.

Browse to C:\VCaptureSW\Settings Files\ and open the 'Environment.ini'

Once open scroll down to the DB Section settings, and locate the [input_settings] section for the chart read path.

ReadPath=C:\VCaptureSW\Exe\   <-------

Verify the read path is set to as shown above. The default location is C:\VCaptureSW\ , in that case change to C:\VCaptureSW\Exe\ as shown , save and exit.

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