Written on December 19th, 2019

FORT LEE, NEW JERSEY – December 19th, 2019 – Vatech America, Inc. today announced that the i3D Smart, dental Cone Beam CT – was chosen by the Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report as the best CBCT for 2020. In the BUYING GUIDE, The Best Products for 2020, the i3D Smart RC was chosen above numerous competitors to be the Clinicians Report first choice for the beginning of the decade. 

The i3D Smart RC from Vatech, offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge 3D imaging solution which provides high-quality CT and Auto Pano images in one scan

The CBCT’s innovative arch-shaped FOV, allows for a wider view of the dentition, in order to include 3rd molars. This 10x8.5cm (anatomical 12x9cm) is essential for clinicians who are looking for an entry-level 3D dental imaging (CBCT) solution, but also for the more experienced. The i3D Smart RC provides assistance in diagnosis and provides the necessary tools for extractions, implantology, and guided surgery. 

The i3D Smart RC also has the capability of being equipped with a Rapid Ceph™. The Rapid Ceph™ provides shortened cephalometric acquisition times, in which doctors will find not only improved image quality, but also fewer motion artifacts in their cephalometric images.

Vatech’s i3D Smart RC is available through various dealers across the United States. For more information, please visit

About Vatech America

Vatech is a leading provider of digital dental radiography products. As the US subsidiary of Vatech Inc., Vatech America is dedicated solely to innovative digital dental X-ray imaging technologies that aid dentists and ultimately help to improve the health of dental patients. The company is responsible for technological advances in recent years that offer every American dental practice, from small to large, endless possibilities to achieve higher standards.

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