Vatech Introduces the Freedom Program

Written on October 20th, 2020



FORT LEE, NEW JERSEY- October 20th, 2020 - With the Freedom Program, Vatech America will provide a pathway for clinicians to enjoy the newest technology every 3 years. Enjoy Vatech’s renown innovation without the fear of accelerated antiquation and burden of depreciated assets. After 3 years, you can choose a new device, buy out the existing device, or simply return the existing device. With unparalleled flexibility, Vatech will work with you from beginning to end so you can choose the very best for you, your practice, your patients.

Bye Buy. Vatech’s Freedom Program, the future of dental imaging.


About Vatech America

Vatech is a leading provider of digital dental radiography products. As the US subsidiary of Vatech Inc., Vatech America is dedicated solely to innovative digital dental X-ray imaging technologies that aid dentists and ultimately help to improve the health of dental patients. The company is responsible for technological advances in recent years that offer every American dental practice, from small to large, endless possibilities to achieve higher standards.

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